Randall Breneman


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Award winning composer and songwriter whose music can be heard on tv, films, advertisements and video games across the globe.  Specialising in composing for artists/bands, moving images and video games.  

Recording, producing and mixing in his private studio in east London, Randall has amassed an impressive catalogue of work embracing everything from modern pop to 20's ragtime.  Click the button below to hear some music!


As a Gibson endorsed artist Randall has performed, worked and supported some of the finest musicians on the planet; Joe Cocker,  Morcheeba, SnowPatrol, B.B. King, John Mayall, Joe Bonamassa, Sandi Thom, David Gilmore, Mike Rutherford, Buddy Guy, Fareed Haque...


RB Young man

Having Graduated from Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts (LIPA), Randall has relocated from Chicago, U.S.A to London, U.K..  As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer Randall has written, recorded and produced music for a variety of brands and projects.  Past clients include;

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Latest Music and Video

New Album - Heart and Soul

Soul songs from upbeat, driving Memphis soul to mellow 60s love ballads, funky soul rock, and Americana with heartfelt male vocals.  So much fun doing this one!

PS4 - Knowledge Is Power

Video game for PS4 featuring lots of Breneman/Field music!  New playlink series.

'Memory Of The Night' Ian Janco - Audio Network

New album for 'Ian Janco' @ Audio Network.  Strings recorded at Abbey Road!  Check out the album, start with  'Idaho' and settle in for a journey.  

ANW2808_memories-of-the-night_360x360 (1
''Until the Day I Die' R Breneman, A Skinner, D Skinner - Audio Network

World Wide ad for Gurlain 'Kiss Kiss' lipstick 

'Cherry Red Kiss' Jake field and Randall Breneman - Audio Network

A little tune for Audio Network.  Nice bike as well...

Fun track with some superb drums and percussion by @alexreevesdrums